During the 2016 Conference and AGM, CNAM members elected members to the board. Please feel free to contact any one of us directly – we welcome your questions and suggestions.

CNAM Executive

John Murray

John Murray, Chair

Public Sector Digest

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    John Murray is the General Manager of Asset Management, Strategy and Performance for the Public Sector Digest. In this role he oversees the development and implementation of asset management programs, plans, technology implementation and facilitates a knowledge exchange and collaboration with other asset management municipal experts, industry leaders, and Provincial/State/Federal Agencies/Departments in North America. John is also the Chair of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM).

    Prior to his current position he held the position of Manager of Asset Management with the City of Hamilton (pop. 500,000+). His responsibilities included the delivery of short and long term coordinated capital budgets and the development and implementation of a strategic asset management program encompassing all Public Works assets.

    Under John’s leadership, Hamilton’s Asset Management procedures and practices have been developed and recognized, on an International basis, as best in class within the Municipal sector.

Bradley Leeman

Bradley Leeman, Immediate Past Chair

City of Edmonton

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    Bradley Leeman, P.Eng. is the Director of the City of Edmonton’s Infrastructure and Funding Strategies section. He is tasked with developing and implementing policy and tools to further work in closing the infrastructure gap within Edmonton. Bradley is a graduate of Queen’s University and has over 11 years’ experience in municipal infrastructure development.

CNAM Directors

Melissa Osborne

Melissa Osborne, Vice Chair, Director at Large

City of Windsor

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    Melissa Osborne is the Senior Manger of Asset Planning for the City of Windsor’s Corporate Asset Planning division.  Her current responsibilities include corporate asset management, capital budget and corporate energy. The Asset Planning area works to establish strategies, policies and practices through corporate integration, aligning asset management plans and principles from the operational and corporate level to the capital budget.  The area also assists operational divisions in addressing asset data gaps which hinder the enhancement of asset management practices for affected operating departments.

Russell Crook

Russell Crook, Treasurer, Director (Population 100,000 or less)

City of Red Deer

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    Russell Crook has a diverse background in municipal operations over thirteen years at the County of Wetaskiwin in Alberta, initially in Public Works (roads) Department, then as the Director of Environmental Services (planning and development, water, wastewater and solid waste). More recently he has worked at the City of Red Deer, in Land and Economic Development and, since 2008 has been managing the Enterprise Asset Management Program

    Russell holds a Master of in Business Administration degree from Athabasca University (2010). His academic, and professional, interests are in demonstrating value to taxpayers from enterprise asset management programs.

    Russell is a member of the CNAM Board of Directors (representing municipalities under 100,000 population) and Chair of the Alberta network known as Infrastructure Asset Management Alberta. Russell is also a senior member of the International Right of Way Association and serves on its International Asset Management Committee.

Joel Shaw

Joel Shaw, Director (West: BC, Alberta)

City of Kelowna

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    Originally from Saskatoon, Joel is a Civil Engineering graduate from the  University of Saskatchewan.  Since graduating with his masters degree, he has worked as professional engineer for 20-years and has extensive experience in planning, design and construction of municipal infrastructure.  For the last eleven years he has worked with the City of Kelowna where he is responsible for managing the Infrastructure Planning Department.  Joel’s team oversees annual and long-term infrastructure planning including asset management and the DCC program.

Catherine Lavoie

Catherine Lavoie, Director (Quebec)

Catherine Lavoie

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    Catherine Lavoie is the Chief Executive Officer  of the Center for Expertise and Research on Infrastructures in Urban Areas (CERIU) in Quebec.  She leads a multidisciplinary team that together with committees of dedicated industry leaders and asset managers develop tools to better serve municipalities in documenting, evaluating and managing their infrastructure. She draws upon a solid engineering background and has managed several industry associations for which she also developed consensus-based best practice guides that are widely used across the province.

Patrick Brisson

Patrick Brisson, Director (Ontario)

City of Ottawa

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    Patrick Brisson is the acting Program Manager for the Capital Planning and Strategic Asset Management unit at the City of Ottawa. As part of his duties he is leads the capital planning group that is responsible for coordinating and developing the Infrastructure Services capital budget. His group is also responsible for maintaining the inventory of all buried assets and has the corporate mandate to develop and support the implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Asset Management (CAM) program.

    Patrick is currently involved in advancing work on the Capital Project Value Assessment process, Levels of Service definition, and finalising the City’s first Asset Management Plan. A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Patrick worked with local engineering firms specialising in geotechnical and municipal infrastructure prior to joining the City of Ottawa. He has been an active member of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) for several years and has been on the Board of Directors as the Ontario Director since 2014.

Katie Chesterton

Katie Chesterton, Director (Prairie: Saskatchewan, Manitoba)

City of Regina

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    Katie Chesteron is Manager, Asset Management at the City of Regina.  Her responsibilities include providing support, tools, and training to the City’s operational teams, facilitating corporate coordination and collaboration, and establishing the City’s asset management roadmap.

    Katie holds a Bachelor in Commerce, Information Systems, from the University of Calgary and a Master in Public Administration from the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy (Universities of Regina and Saskatchewan). Prior to joining the City of Regina, Katie spent time in both the private sector and the provincial public service. In the oil and gas industry, she supported enterprise asset management teams and field staff across North America in establishing processes for maintenance management, preventative maintenance, and analytics. Within the Saskatchewan public service, Katie’s work focused on leading various strategic initiatives, including employee engagement and program evaluation.

    In addition to CNAM, Katie also serves as Director and New Professionals Chair on the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), Saskatchewan Regional Group. In this capacity, she provides both networking and development programming to new public servants and students of public administration and policy across Saskatchewan

Alicia Keating

Alicia Keating, Director at Large

City of Fredericton

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    Alicia Keating is the Assistant Director of Finance and Administration/Assistant City Treasurer for the City of Fredericton. Alicia was hired as the Financial Project Manager with the City in November 2007. Duties at that time included transitioning the City to become compliant with the Public Sector Accounting Standards.

    Alicia’s responsibilities include annual forecasts to ensure compliance with the City’s Long Term Financial Plans relating to capital infrastructure renewal and funding.

Valerie Williams

Valerie Williams, Director (East: NS, N&L, NB, PEI)

Halifax Water

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    Valerie Williams graduated from the University of Guelph in Water Resources Engineering and has been a professional engineer for 20 years. Val spent her early engineering career working in Ontario for the Town of Halton Hills, and York Region. Her positions included working in development review and inspection, capital project manager, and management positions for both transportation development review and water and wastewater capital projects.

    In 2006, Val and her family moved to Nova Scotia and she began working with Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) in the Environmental Services Department as a Project Engineer. With the 2007 merger of HRM’s Environmental Services Department and the Halifax Regional Water Commission, Valerie moved into a Senior Engineer position with Halifax Water. Her current role is Manager, Asset Management with Halifax Water and she is responsible for asset management program development and implementation, long range planning, modelling, and capital planning.

    Halifax Water completed two foundational projects in 2011 and 2012: the Asset Management Roadmap and the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Val now leads a team of technical and professional staff implementing components of these programs.

    As a member of CNAM, Valerie became the Director (East: NS, N&L, NB, PEI). Through participation with CNAM, Val would like to see greater involvement from other professionals in Atlantic Canada. CNAM provides an inclusive opportunity for networking and information sharing with its members and partners. She is a member of CNAM’s Education, Research, and Technology (ERT) sub-committee. Val supports development of formal training programs with educational partners to encourage broader asset management understanding and knowledge – ideally with the subject matter being embedded in the core academic curriculum at education institutions coast to coast.

Sudhir Kumar

Sudhir Kumar, Director (Territories)

MACA, GNWT, North Slave Region

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    As Manager, Community Infrastructure Planning for Municipal and Community Affairs – GNWT, Sudhir is responsible for supporting community government in planning, development, implementation and management of community public infrastructure. He has introduced several new initiatives in community infrastructure asset management and also introduced a solar farm as an alternative energy initiative.

    Sudhir has worked as a civil engineer in Canada`s North for the past 10 years. He managed many engineering projects from conception to final completion in Nunavut, Kitikmeot Region when working with Community and Government Services, Government of Nunavut.

    He is also a tireless community volunteer. He received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his outstanding contribution to Canada, promoting interests ranging from child care to new immigrants.

    In addition to his M.Eng. (Civil) from Concordia University, Sudhir has diplomas in arbitration, construction estimating and software technology, and has completed risk management and business analysis courses.  He is currently 2nd Vice President, NAPEG, a Director of CIQS – Prairies and NWT and a member of  APEGA, PEO and the Canadian regulatory agency on plumbing. He also serves on a number of other related boards and organizations.

Pious Maposa

Pious Maposa, Director at Large

Region of Halton

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    As an asset management practitioner Pious has for the last 8 years been leading the Asset Management Program in Public Works at the Region of Halton, Ontario. Pious has financial and strategic management experience spanning over 24 years’ in both the private and public sector. Pious is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and holds an MBA. He has done a number of presentations on asset management at WEAO and CNAM conferences and is an avid advocate for Account-neering.

Jason Davies

Jason Davies, Director at Large

City of London

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    Jason Davies has been a member of the CNAM Board of Directors since April 2015 and is a founding Co-Chair of the CNAM New Professionals Network. Jason is an Asset Management Specialist in the Corporate Asset Management Division at the City of London.  He has been with the City in this role since March 2012 where, as a Chartered Professional Accountant, he provides financial guidance within his project management role as well as providing financial support to internal project teams at the City of London.  His experience prior to joining the City of London includes responsibility for financial management, management reporting, business process optimization and providing financial guidance as part of an SAP-ERP implementation team.

Iain Cranston

Iain Cranston, Director (Non-Municipal Member)


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    Iain Cranston is an Asset Management Consultant with CH2M, specializing in planning and implementing Asset Management transformations for organizations in line with ISO 55000 international good practice. Iain is also Global Manager for CH2M’s new Asset Management Training & Certification Program. He has been involved with CNAM for several years an active member and also co-founder of CNAM’s New Professionals Network (NPN). Part of Iain’s role on the Board is as Chair of the New Professionals Network and he sees attracting new AM professionals as an important challenge for CNAM to continue progressing in order to ensure the continued growth of CNAM and future sustainability of the AM professionals’ community in Canada.

Ross Homeniuk

Ross Homeniuk, Director (Non-Municipal Member)


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    Ross is a Director with KPMG’s Global Infrastructure Advisory, and leads its Canadian Asset Management practice. Working with government, utility and private sector clients, he integrates business and technical principals with best practice and support technologies to strengthen asset management practice and improve the consistency and defensibility of infrastructure plans and management strategies.

    Ross has over 20 years of wide ranging national and international experience in asset management program planning and implementation, strategy and policy development, organizational strengthening and process improvement, and the application of levels of service, lifecycle analysis and risk-based planning and decision making techniques to extend asset life and enhance service delivery.

    Ross is an active member of the infrastructure asset management community, and advocates for responsible infrastructure management through committee involvement, industry membership and conference participation. He is a Board Member of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers, a member of the IAM Canada Executive Committee, and a contributor to several industry publications and groups. Ross is a Registered Professional Engineer in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario and has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and Masters of Business Administration degree.

Todd Latham

Todd Latham, (Communications & Marketing) Non-voting Member

Actual Media

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    Todd is a media entrepreneur with twenty-six years of experience in business publishing, marketing and communications. He is Founder and President of Actual Media Inc. a specialized Canadian publishing and creative agency that produces ReNew Canada – the infrastructure magazine, the Top100 Infrastructure Projects report and Water Canada – the complete water magazine.

    Todd is a cross-industry participant, advisor and communicator with broad practical knowledge and an extensive network in the global environment, infrastructure and water sectors. He is also President of Blue Events Inc. (organizer of the Canadian Water Summit series) and serves on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) and the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM). He is co-founder of the Canadian Brownfields Network, a senior associate of the Canadian Urban Institute and an award-winning member of the University of Toronto Environmental Finance Committee. He is a trusted advisor and consultant to companies and institutions for his media brand experience, editorial direction, communications planning and marketing execution. He is a leader who inspires, motivates and exudes optimism with an instinct for creative communications, connectivity and common sense. He is an articulate, engaging public speaker and opinionated editorial writer. In March 2011 he travelled to Antarctica with Sir Robert Swan and became an alumnus of 2041 – an international group committed the renewable energy and the preservation of the continent. He is married with two daughters and lives in Toronto.

Rob Corazzola

Rob Corazzola, (ERT Committee Chair) Non-voting Member

RIVA Modeling

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    Rob Corazzola is the Vice President of Sales, Public Sector at PowerPlan Inc., and is responsible for sales and business development activities across North America and Australasia. Educated and certified as a civil engineer, he has worked 30 years in leadership roles for both local government and the private sector, in companies like Hansen, SAP, and Microsoft, and has now returned to his true passion – Technology and Asset Management. He lives in Mississauga with his beautiful wife and three children, and is entertained daily by Kenzie the family dog.



Vacant, (First Nations)

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