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CNAM is the definitive hub through which industry professionals exchange information on the latest developments in infrastructure asset management in Canada. Information sharing is critical to optimizing the benefits of asset management when people and financial resources are limited. The benefits of membership are significant are listed below.

Membership in CNAM is available to all individuals and to all private, trade, professional or labour organizations, public regulatory agencies, consumer and environmental groups, governmental agencies, public utilities, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, educational institutions as well as any other organization or individual professing an interest or concern in municipal, and government infrastructure asset management.

Membership benefits:

CNAM Conference

CNAM Conference is recognized as the leading Canadian knowledge sharing and networking event for infrastructure asset managers. All members will benefit from discounted registration fees at the annual CNAM Conference.

Professional Development and Networking

The annual CNAM Conference provides the opportunity to meet and learn from prominent industry members in person. International, national and local speakers provide valuable perspectives and best practices in the infrastructure asset management industry. Social events held as part of the CNAM Conference are designed to encourage networking and idea sharing. Sponsors and exhibitors provide delegates access to and interaction with leading suppliers to the industry.

Knowledge Sharing:  CNAMpedia

CNAM websites is a definitive hub through which industry professionals can both gain and distribute information on the latest developments in infrastructure asset management. Members-only tools include: discussion forums, asset management case studies, resource links, career and RFP postings, calendar of events and more.

Industry Leadership

Members who are interested in developing their leadership skills are encouraged to get actively involved by running for office on the CNAM board or participating on CNAM committees.

Association Sustainability

CNAM encourages continuous improvements through its membership to:

  • Learn from colleagues across Canada
  • Enhance technical & strategic asset management skills
  • Broaden knowledge base and deepen expertise
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Network with peers across Canada
  • Be recognized for innovation and excellence.

Related Information

CNAM Membership Brochure

CNAM welcomes input from members on the services that can best meet their needs – email us at with suggestions.


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