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CLOSED  MARCH 31, 2017

What is the CNAM Tereo Award?

CNAM_Tereo_logoThe CNAM Tereo Asset Management Award recognizes excellence in developing and implementing asset management approaches and significant improvements in business performance through the use of asset management tools and techniques or approaches. The Tereo award is presented annually during the Gala dinner at the CNAM conference.

Why Tereo?

Terotechnology – from the Greek word ‘tereo’, meaning to guard, to care for, to watch over – is a multidisciplinary approach to obtaining maximum economic benefit from physical assets.

Is your organization successfully developing and implementing asset management approaches to effect business improvement? If so, the Canadian Network of Asset Managers encourages you to submit an entry into the fourth annual CNAM Tereo Asset Management Awards.

CLOSED  MARCH 31, 2017

Pious Maposa, CPA, CGA, MBA
Tereo Award Chair
Region of Halton

 2016 Recipient

Tereo Winners

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) & Kerr Wood Leidal Associates (KWL)


  • Developed an Asset Management System
  • Developed tool (handbook) for Staff, Council and Stakeholders
  • Traction all round with Project Team that included Council and Staff
  • Roll out of the Community Awareness Strategy & Asset Information System

News Release

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality’s (NRRM) Asset Management System (AMS) provides a critical resource for managing the community’s $520 million in infrastructure assets over the next 20 years and beyond.

Kerr Wood Leidal (KWL) worked with NRRM Council and staff to develop a holistic system designed to reflect existing community values and encourage cross-departmental collaboration.  Key milestones include the development of an Asset Management Policy, Strategy, System, and comprehensive Asset Management Plans encompassing NRRM’s major asset categories.  A Handbook was prepared to tie all these elements together in one central, concise reference document suitable for staff, Council, and stakeholders. The AMS is now in the early stages of implementation, marked by the roll out of the Community Awareness Strategy and Asset Information System.

According to NRRM City Manager, Randy McLean, “The [AMS] has proven to be an extremely beneficial tool. The implementation of the AMS provides us with the resiliency required in order to apply informed decisions relating to major capital investments, giving consideration to stakeholder interests, economic conditions, and existing asset conditions. It helps us intelligently answer, what do we want, what do we have, what do we need and when.”

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Region of Peel

  • Unique AM strategy that combines financial, engineering, risk management and asset management practices
  • Capital Infrastructure decision making influenced by AM practices
  • Driven AM across the organization- achieved culture change



  • Developed 3 day AM training & certificate course aligned to IAM
  • More than 10 municipalities already attended the course
  • Raving reviews from course attendees

2015 Recipient

City of Burlington and Riva Modeling

2015 tereo winnerThe City of Burlington’s Decision Support System is a forward-looking tool used to project future renewal needs, and predict timing and cost for those needs.  Under this approach, capital repair and renewal dollars are allocated based on an objective assessment of the current condition of the asset, projections of future renewal needs and optimum renewal methods. The system is configured for the roadway asset category and the facility asset categories, which comprise 90% of the City’s replacement value. The remaining 10% of assets are currently being configured, and the outputs will be used in the preparation of the 2016 capital budget and forecast. The outputs from the Decision Support System were presented to committee; these include an infrastructure gap profile for the next 60 years. With the successful implementation of the Decision Support System, the City has the ability to drill down into a given-need year and get a detailed listing of what assets need to be rehabilitated, the rehabilitation treatment, and the cost for that treatment. The City’s long-term financing strategy, based on the Decision Support System outputs, was presented and accepted by Committee. This commitment from Council will ensure that the City of Burlington’s Infrastructure will be sustainably funded and remain in good condition for future generations.

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2014 Recipient

The City of Saskatoon and Associated Engineering

2013 Recipient

The City of Ottawa

2012 Recipient

The Town of Banff

Think You Qualify?

Is your organization successfully developing and implementing asset management approaches to effect business improvement? If so, the Canadian Network of Asset Managers encourages you to submit an entry into the third annual CNAM Tereo Asset Management Awards.

Submission deadline?

Award submissions for 2015 CNAM Tereo Award is now closed. Check back here for submission information for the 2016 awards soon!

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Pious Maposa, Region of Halton


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