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At this time, the intent of this initiative is to provide CNAM members, and other industry professionals with details on training content, trainer qualifications, locations and costs for service.  The intent is that this registry will evolve to capture and share valid member feedback on various training programs and initiatives.


CNAM invited Asset Management training providers to register their interest in providing asset management training to CNAM members, by outlining their course offerings, course curriculum, trainer qualifications, and fee structure.  This information was used to identify training alternatives to CNAM members.


CNAM reached out to the industry to identify and catalogue prospective asset management training offerings.  The intent was to create a roster of available trainers and courses on a range of public infrastructure asset management topics that will be promoted on the CNAM website in 2016.  While CNAM is not looking to evaluate or endorse training offerings or the respective qualifications of trainers, the intent is to provide a forum for members to provide honest and open feedback on their respective training experiences.  Feedback may be communicated in the form of star ratings and written member testimonials, which will be linked to the related program listings.  While reasonable efforts will be made to validate the professionalism of this feedback, CNAM takes no responsibility for the feedback of individual.

For the purpose of this expression of interest (EOI), the scope is limited to training directed at Asset Management Systems.  As per the ISO 55000:

“An asset management system is a set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization, that establish asset management policies and objectives, and the processes needed to achieve those objectives.  An asset management system is not simply an information system; it also includes the organization structure, roles, responsibilities, business processes, plans, operation, etc (see 3.4.2). This can cause some confusion, since many vendors of information systems that support asset management also refer to their products as “asset management systems”.

Selected training providers:

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