Asset Management Awareness Workshops across Canada

CNAM is running Infrastructure Asset Management Awareness Workshops across Canada.  The sessions are appropriate for Elected Officials and Municipal / Organization Staff of all levels who will leave the workshops with:

  • a better understanding of what asset management is,
  • why it should be undertaken and the benefits to your community,
  • what it entails and how to begin implementation with some tangible steps.

They are relevant for all communities and municipalities, regardless of your size and location, or whether or not you have made any progress with asset management to date.

“The 1-day Asset Management Awareness Workshop offered by CNAM proved very applicable to our organization. While a number of our City staff have previously participated in various Asset Management training opportunities over the past year, this particular Workshop went a long way to tying it all together for us. The team were well informed in the subject matter, presented the information in a very professional manner and maintained a pace that kept everyone’s interest. I would recommend this workshop for any staff member or elected official wanting to become better informed about sound asset management practices.” 


The face-to-face session will enable participants to connect with peers, network with other municipalities who practice asset management at varying levels and provide an environment conducive to sharing and collaborating.

The first half of the session will focus on what asset management is, and why the municipality should do it, and the second half will focus on what it entails and how to go about doing it.


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. So, what is Asset Management?
    1. Community Services and Infrastructure
    2. Incorporating Natural Assets
    3. The History of AM
    4. Definition of AM
    5. AM competencies overview
  3. Why is Asset Management beneficial to you and your community?
    1. Stories from across Canada
    2. Provincial AM Requirements / Guidance
  4. How do I get started?
    1. Initial Steps
    2. People & Leadership
    3. Data & Information
    4. Planning & Decision Making
    5. Policy & Governance
    6. Contribution to AM Practice
    7. Resources to Help
  5. Wrap-up

“I attended CNAM’s 1-day AM Awareness Workshop and found it to be informative, educational and extremely helpful.”  


Course delivery methods

We have several options for training workshops that you can explore:

CNAM’s AM Virtual Classroom

Due to the demand for CNAM’s 1-day AM Awareness Workshop, we are taking the session online!  These sessions will be delivered virtually in an online classroom to allow people to attend the course without having to travel.   You will be posted a hard copy of the learning materials in advance of the sessions, and to make the session as interactive as possible attendees will be encouraged to use their webcams and take part in discussions just as if it was a face to face session.  It’s the same content as the 1-day in-person session, just split into 2-half day modules.

Costs: $95 for municipal staff, $145 for other public sector organizations, and $295 for private sector organizations, per person plus GST. This includes learning materials shipped directly to you.

Dec 4 & 11, 2019 9 am to 12:30 pm PST Virtual Closed
Feb 13 & 20, 2020 9 am to 12:30 pm PST Virtual Register here
More 2020 dates are being planned – please click here to sign up to receive information on future sessions


Hosting the Workshop at your organization (virtually or in-person)

In addition to CNAM’s public dates for the AM Awareness Workshop, we are pleased to provide this workshop as an on-demand learning opportunity.  Are you interested in hosting the workshop for your staff or association?  You can utilize your own in-house printing facility and catering to reduce costs. Click here for the hosting package, and please contact us at to open discussions.

Collaborations with other Associations and Agencies

CNAM welcomes the opportunity to run the 1-day workshop with other associations and agencies who are looking to provide learning and education events for their members to learn more about infrastructure asset management.  Click here for the hosting package, and please contact us at to open discussions.


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