CNAM 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

We are excited to share an early draft of our strategic plan for the next five years. This should reflect the needs of the public infrastructure asset management community across Canada, and carve out CNAM’s role in addressing those needs.

This early draft of our focus areas has been developed based on initial feedback from the CNAM Board of Directors, as well as members and partners in person at our 2022 conference. We will be building out an implementation roadmap through fall of 2022.

Our next steps for engagement:

  • Share with our national, regional and practice partners
  • Validate with our Past-Chairs Council
  • Member input on our website and at a virtual session mid-Fall
  • Ratification by the CNAM Board early 2023

We are seeking your feedback on the plan we have developed to date. You have an opportunity to answer specific discussion questions on each of the areas below.