CNAM Strategic Framework

CNAM became a not-for-profit association in 2009 and has completed its 10th year of executing its Mission of advancing public infrastructure asset management practice through leadership, innovation and collaboration. The successful achievement of the Association’s Mission is based upon the rigorous development of a Strategic and Action Plan that guides the Association and its seven Committees through the execution of its activities and key initiatives.

CNAM’s Board of Directors meet annually in the fall to review the Association’s Vision, Mission and strategic pillars and to develop action plans for strategic initiatives aimed to meeting the Association’s stated goals.


Fostering excellence in public infrastructure asset management.


To advance asset management practices through leadership, innovation and collaboration.

Strategic Pillars


Increase capacity to enhance and promote asset management.


Engage in and support knowledge generation, consolidation and dissemination of asset management.


Build sustainable relationships and networks to unify and improve the state of asset management.

We would like to share with the CNAM members a summary of the strategic key initiatives, as outlined below:

  • Focus on maximizing and enhancing membership value through high-quality networking opportunities, education and training programs, volunteer programs, CNAMPedia, the Association’s website and partnering with key public sector organizations.
  • Focus on providing Asset Management educational opportunities for members through high-quality educational webinars and provide members with diversified Asset Management training through a qualified process.
  • Focus on enhancing marketing initiatives through the Association’s informative website, the quarterly Newsletter, regional workshops, webinars, CNAMPedia and an outreach calendar of activities and information.
  • Continue to pursue and formalize quality partnerships with key public sector organizations and industry groups which will provide value to CNAM members through participation in Asset Management movements and initiatives that have a significant impact on the industry.
  • Increase the overall membership of the Association through diversification and targeting of new municipal and non-municipal Asset Management sectors in the industry, and increase membership engagement through the creation of a quality volunteer program and continuation of the CNAM Awards and Recognition program.
  • Increase attendance at the Annual CNAM Conference by providing a high-quality event with strong and respected speakers and highly relevant Asset Management topics and emerging trends in the industry.
  • Continued focus on networking opportunities for New Professionals through an Education Outreach Presentation at targeted universities, and through the launch of a Poster Competition program.
  • Develop a Financial Strategy in conjunction with the stated key initiatives of the Association to maximize the financial stability of the organization; with a focus on: increasing revenues and net earnings, cash management, sponsorships and other financing alternatives.

We encourage all members to provide comments, suggestions and feedback relating to the Association’s Strategic and Action Plan and the key initiatives above; and also to volunteer and get involved with any our Committees.

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