AM 101

Asset Management Awareness Training

AM101 explains what asset management is and why it is important.  Learners will understand the current state of infrastructure in Canada and analyze some of the common challenges faced by asset managers. 

*this is a reduced price only available to local government staff or elected officials (i.e. eligible individuals). All other participants are ineligible (i.e. you work in the private sector, the provincial or federal government, or for another ineligible organization). If you are an ineligible individual, please select the “Ineligible Individuals” payment option or you will be charged the additional fee amount after your purchase.

New Professionals Network

The objective of the New Professionals Network (NPN) is to provide a comfortable forum for new professionals to actively contribute to the growth of CNAM and the Asset Management profession. The group will also play an active role in supporting and introducing more professionals to the field of Asset Management.


Support the activities of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers through supporting and fostering the development of new asset management professionals by:

  • Creating opportunities to network and develop their knowledge and skills
  • Facilitating access to research, education, and training opportunities, and
  • Supporting innovation and new ideas.


  • Provide a forum for new Asset Management professionals to network & build relationships.
  • Provide support for new professionals in the field of Asset Management.
  • Outreach to educational institutions.
  • Increase the foundation upon which CNAM can rely for support.
  • Provide a comfortable forum for idea generation.


  • People working in any sector settings (e.g. public, private, academic) are eligible.
  • New Professionals are any individuals who are new to, or have less than 5 years of experience working in, the field of asset management.
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