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AM E-Learning

CNAM’s AM E-Learning Courses are specifically tailored for Canadian communities and municipalities of all sizes, locations, or progress with asset management. We offer three courses, AM101 – Asset Management Awareness, AM102 – Core Elements of Asset Management and Implementing the AMCF. The courses cover a total of twelve hours of content, delivered virtually so you can pace yourself through the training. Over the last several years, these awareness courses have been delivered to hundreds of municipal staff and elected officials. Participants overwhelmingly report strong satisfaction with the courses and an improved understanding of asset management practices. In the sessions participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of what asset management is
  • Learn why AM should be undertaken and the benefits to your community
  • what AM entails and how to begin implementation with easy, tangible step
We welcome international attendees. Member and non-member rates in CDN$ apply. International membership to CNAM is also welcome.

Make a city-wide difference. Get started with a CNAM E-Learning today:

AM101: Core Elements of Asset Management e-learning course

AM101 helps municipal staff and elected officials in Canada learn how to explain the challenges and understand the benefits of asset management so they can sustainably deliver services to their customers.

AM102: Core Elements of Asset Management e-learning course

AM102 will dig into more detail for the 5 AM organizational competencies. We’ll start with the 4 steps needed to get started in asset management and explain tangible actions that you can do within your organization to support asset management.

Implementing the AMCF e-learning course

This course will take you through the steps of implementing a competency management program within your organization based on CNAM’s Asset Management Competency Framework (AMCF). Learn how to increase AM capacity and build AM capabilities.

What you'll get:

Short and Engaging Educational Content

Learning content is short and informative making it easier to digest and complete without a massive time commitment.

Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Get immediate access to the self-guided training content that includes video clips, engaging interactions, interactive activities, knowledge checks and more!

Join a Community of Asset Managers

Course participants will be added to the online AM101 community where you can connect with peers facing similar AM challenges.