AM 101

Asset Management Awareness Training

AM101 explains what asset management is and why it is important.  Learners will understand the current state of infrastructure in Canada and analyze some of the common challenges faced by asset managers. 

*this is a reduced price only available to local government staff or elected officials (i.e. eligible individuals). All other participants are ineligible (i.e. you work in the private sector, the provincial or federal government, or for another ineligible organization). If you are an ineligible individual, please select the “Ineligible Individuals” payment option or you will be charged the additional fee amount after your purchase.


CNAM is actively seeking participation from members to build the organization. Members who are interested in developing their leadership skills are encouraged to get actively involved by running for office on the CNAM Board of Directors and/or participating on CNAM committees.

CNAM Board of Directors

Each year, the Canadian Network of Asset Managers seeks enthusiastic candidates to stand for election to the CNAM Board of Directors. All member categories (except students) are eligible to run for office.

If you are committed to playing a leadership role in the community of practice for municipal infrastructure asset management, possess strong strategic management skills and are passionate about building CNAM as an association, please consider a nomination. The deadline for nominations is in March each year – watch your inbox for specific dates.

To serve on the CNAM Board of Directors, the following prerequisites and competencies are required:

  • CNAM Member in good standing (any member category except student)
  • Demonstrated leadership in the practice of asset management
  • Previous board experience, or other related strategic management experience
  • Support of your employer (financial support would be an asset to attend two annual face-to-face board meetings but is not required)

CNAM Committees

The CNAM Board is supported by five working committees focused on specific objectives. The committees are open to all CNAM members and members are encouraged to participate and share their expertise and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities with one of the these committees, please contact complete the Volunteer Intake Form below.