New to Asset Management?

Are you and your community new to Infrastructure Asset Management?
Not sure what it is or how to get started? We can help!

Communities are being challenged to make the best possible decisions with scarce resources for both today’s users and future generations. Planning for infrastructure renewals, growth, and new demands amidst increasing service expectations, risk exposure, and financial challenges can put elected officials and community staff in a difficult position. Asset management (AM) can help!

What is Asset Management?

Asset Management is the coordinated activities of an organization to realize value from its assets in the achievement of its organizational objectives. From a practical perspective, Asset Management is based on a set of fundamentals:

  • Value: Assets exist to provide value to the organization and its stakeholders.
  • Alignment: Asset management translates the organizational objectives into technical and financial decisions, plans and activities.
  • Leadership: Leadership and workplace culture are determinants of realization of value.
  • Assurance: Asset management gives assurance that assets will fulfill their required purpose

Asset Management 101 Booklet

CNAM has developed an Asset Management 101 Booklet, with the What, Why, and How on infrastructure asset management for your community Infrastructure Asset Management. The Booklet comes in both English and French.

AM 101 Online Portal

CNAM has also developed an online AM101 resource to support communities and individuals who are new to infrastructure asset management and are starting their journey. This is an expanded online version of the AM101 Booklet available above. The resource will provide users with:

  • an understanding of what Infrastructure Asset Management is
  • an understanding of the benefits of AM to individuals and their organization
  • an awareness of industry-recognized good practice for municipalities
  • an awareness of AM resources that exist to support your progress
  • an understanding of some practical steps on how to move forward and get started

This and other CNAM resources are currently focused on municipal / community / local government asset owners. However, all asset owners will find large parts of the content useful.

Introduction to Asset Management E-Learning

CNAM’s AM Awareness Courses are virtual workshops specifically tailored for Canadian communities and municipalities of all sizes, locations, or progress with asset management. We offer three courses, AM101 – Asset Management AwarenessAM102 – Core Elements of Asset Management and Implementing the AMCF. The courses cover a total of twelve hours of content, delivered virtually so you can pace yourself through the training. Over the last several years, these awareness courses have been delivered to hundreds of municipal staff and elected officials. Participants overwhelmingly report strong satisfaction with the courses and an improved understanding of asset management practices. 

In the courses, participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of what asset management is
  • Learn why AM should be undertaken and the benefits to your community
  • Learn what AM entails and how to begin implementation with easy, tangible steps

Professional Development Certificates (Valid for up to 9 CEC/PDH hours towards professional development) will be provided upon completion of the courses and associated FCM Activity Survey.

We welcome international attendees. Member and non-member rates in CDN$ apply. International membership to CNAM is also welcome.

Hosting the Courses On-Demand at Your Organization

Like this course but looking for a private event with this content for your organization, association, or agency? We can help with that too. 

CNAM’s courses can be delivered ‘on-demand’ and customized for your organization/staff/members. We’ve done this for a number of members, cities, infrastructure owners, and partners over the years, including groups from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and international organizations like the State Department of Michigan. 

For more information and pricing on custom courses, please email

CNAM members can also learn how to effectively deliver the AM101 course within their own organization with our Train-the-Trainer program. The AM 101 course has had overwhelmingly positive results in building AM awareness, and it can be made even better when delivered by someone internal to your team!

To learn more contact

Asset Management Primer

The Asset Management Primer was created by CNAM to support the development of the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card. It was intended to:

  • Increase the awareness of the state of asset management practice
  • Improve the consistency and reliability of the information being reported in future Canadian Infrastructure Report Cards, including standardizing the provision of the data across Canada
  • Increase the participation rate by municipalities in the 2015 CIRC recognizing that all municipalities are managing assets

CNAM recognizes that, no matter the stage of development, asset management information is essential to infrastructure planning and the development of support programs in Canada.

A copy of the primer content can be downloaded here: