CNAM Announces 2023-2025 Pre-Qualified Sub-Contractors for Services Roster

The Canadian Network of Asset Managers Association (CNAM) is the established national voice of public infrastructure asset management in Canada. CNAM is a national hub through which industry professionals exchange information on the latest developments in infrastructure asset management in Canada. Information sharing is critical to optimizing the benefits of asset management and achieving sustainable service delivery when people and financial resources are limited. CNAM shares that knowledge with members and interested and affected parties through our online resources, the Annual
Conference, various committees and events.

CNAM is continually looking to provide value to its members resulting in new services, tools, programs and networking opportunities. As a Not-For-Profit organization, CNAM is seeking to improve its transparency of procurement and ensure an appropriate value for services is achieved to optimize this value for its membership.

In August, CNAM issued and advertised a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) that was directed to Service Providers to support the establishment of a roster of contractors. Being identified on the roster does not indicate the award of a contract.


CNAM invited contractors to submit and respond to the RFEOI for the following service areas:

  • Asset Management fundamentals
  • Training and development
  • Professional writing
  • Culture and change management
  • Technical solution expertise and development
  • Marketing and promotion

Successful submissions have been added to a vendor roster to support on-going CNAM initiatives and to make the best use of existing resources by building depth in subcontracting capabilities through a fair and transparent process. A maximum of four sub-contractors have been selected for each category. The creation of a roster of contractors will enable CNAM to be respond to project opportunities that offer new services, tools and programs that meet the needs of our membership.

The successful contractors will be “Pre-Qualified Sub-Contractors for Services” for a term encompassing 2023-2025 plus an option to extend by 1 year to accommodate specific needs of CNAM to meet the needs of our membership. The successful
contractors are:

Asset Management Fundamentals

Training and Development

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Professional Writing

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Culture and Change Management

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Technical Solution Expertise and Development

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Marketing and Promotions

A roster for this service delivery category has not been created. 

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