The Canadian Network of Asset Managers is seeking subcontractors to support program delivery for our submission to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) by October 15, 2021!

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CNAM is planning to respond to the Municipal Asset Management Program 4 (MAMP 4) Call For Applications,  (CFA) which Program is administered by the FCM funded by Infrastructure Canada. CNAM is seeking information from respondents for any or all service requirements below.

  1. CNAM MAMP 4 Program Manager

CNAM is seeking a Program Manager for its MAMP 4 Program. The Program Manager will be responsible for liaising with the MAMP 4 Steering Committee (a sub-committee of the CNAM Board), development and delivery of all deliverables in the MAMP 4 Program, day-to-day management of the Program and the required operational reporting to FCM throughout the duration of the Program.

  1. Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communications efforts may be supported by a subcontractor to MAMP, which would supplement our existing marketing and communications resources.

  1. MAMP Program Service Providers

CNAM is seeking Program Service Providers for its MAMP 4 Program. Service Providers will develop and  deliver programs under one or more of the Topics listed below. Respondents are requested to submit a response to one or more of the following 3 Topics to be included in CNAM’s MAMP 4 Submission to FCM:

(1)   CNAM Asset Management 201 and 301 Education Series.

(2)   Operationalization of Climate Change in the context of Asset Management.

(3)   An Asset Management Onboarding Tool for Small Communities

The scope of services to be delivered under the above 3 Topics are provided in the RFQ document.

If you are interested in submitting or if you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us at

All inquiries should be submitted to this e-mail address, attention to Doug Cutts, Executive Director of CNAM.