Job Postings

CNAM will post asset management related jobs.  All postings will be on the website for a period of two weeks (unless otherwise requested), as well as the CNAM LinkedIn and Twitter Accounts.  Where possible it will also be added to e-blasts should timing permit (separate e-blasts will not be created).

Currently, job postings are complimentary to CNAM members and $100 plus tax for non-members. Please forward your short posting description (must provide a descriptive paragraph) and a PDF of the full job posting to Membership Services at  Please allow two full business days for postings to appear.

Current Job Postings

Position Title: Asset Management Strategist
City of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB
Salary Range: $2,895.48 – $3,889.22 biweekly
Posting Date: May 8, 2020

Closing Date: June 18, 2020

Under the General Direction of the City of Winnipeg’s Manager of Transportation, the Asset Management Strategist (AMS) is primarily responsible for leading the development, planning, design, implementation and monitoring of asset management processes and procedures for the Transportation Division in accordance with FI-011 Asset Management Policy and FM-004 Asset Management Administrative Standard. With guidance from the Department Asset Management Office (AMO), the AMS will support and coordinate the implementation of asset management strategies, principles and processes in the Division across all Branches including: Forecasting & Data, Lighting, Traffic Assessment, Network Management, Facilities Planning, Active Transportation and Traffic Signals. More details.


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